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Calle 8 #83-21
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Calle 8 #83-21

Company Profile:
The company is on transformation process from a commercialization spare parts company to an Energy Services Company.

The project's objective is to build a company in Colombia through partnerships and cooperation with companies providing services and technology specializing in energy services specially energy efficiency.

Types of partners sought:
- Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) interested in developing and promoting projects in Latin America.
- Technology-based companies that offer efficient technologies and which are interested in developing the market and offer its products in Latin America.
- Interested companies should be consolidated in their country of origin and be able to extend their activities (services and products) to other markets by ensuring quality and good service to customers (eg. Latin America).
- The partners concerned should be willing to do alliances (eg. Joint Venture) to participate and cooperate in specific projects.
- Members may have sought in any country of origin; however it is desirable to have originated in the countries which have signed free trade agreements with Colombia (eg. Canada, USA).

Development of integrated solutions for energy efficiency (services and technologies)

What we offer:
Access to local funds
Access to local supplier
Access to local market

What are we looking for:
It wishes to develop alliances and cooperation with foreign companies to provide services and energy efficiency technologies in Colombia, especially with : energy service companies interested in participating to the projects development in the Latin America market, companies specializes in low carbon technologies and that are interested in distributing their technologies to the Latin American market. The Colombian company is particularly looking for potential partners open in the development of joint venture. The company wishes to develop technology transfer partnerships with equipment manufacturers : solar thermal products, cogeneration units (capacity of production : 50-1000 kw), equipment enabling to detect and/or reduce losses (leakage of methane gas or water, compressed air ...), equipment measuring energy consumption.

  • Energy and Climate Change
    • ] Renewable energy
    • ] Energy Performance

Collaboration sought:
  • Technological cooperation, as offerer
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller


Mr Javier Galvan

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