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ATM Afvalstoffen Terminal Moerdijk

Vlasweg 12
ZIP Code
4782 PW

Company Profile:
ATM offers three sorts of waste treatment:
1/ Thermal soil treatment, processing 1 million tonnes per year. Contaminants treated include organics such as hydrocarbons, insecticides, pesticides, PCB´s, oil etc. The soil is cleaned by heating it; hazardous substances oxidize into gasses; the gasses are cleaned through a sophisticated gas scrubber system. The result is soil of the highest quality (category 1).
2/ Treatment of around 60.000 tonnes a year of packed waste (such as paint, glues, resins, solvents, and medicines) through pyrolysis. Gasses released are a source of energy for the thermal soil treatment installation.
3/ Treatment of liquid waste; biological waste water treatment; treatment of oil and chemical sludge; ad treatment of marpol waste that is received in ports

Hazardous waste treatment (contaminated soil, solid and liquid waste streams)

What we offer:
ATM has many years of experience in waste treatment, especially hazardous waste. ATM is offering contaminated soil treatment at its waste processing facility at Moerdijk, the Netherlands; treatment of packed waste and treatment of waste received from ports. ATM is active in Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Scandinavia) and in other parts of the world (Philippines, Uruguay, Venezuela) (from these countries, waste is shipped in by truck, train or ship for processing). Thanks to its broad range of sister organizations, ATM is able to offer a complete range of services. ATM puts emphasis on sustainability, recycling the cleaned soil as building material and reutilizing process heat in its own treatment processes (almost all energy is generated in-house).

What are we looking for:
For the soil treatment division, ATM is looking for companies and institutions active in the remediation of polluted industrial sites, as well as authorities (at all levels) involved in soil treatment. For the treatment of packed waste, ATM would like to meet production and waste collection companies, active in the field of paint, chemicals, pharmaceuticals etc. In the case of “wet” waste, ATM would like to focus on the waste received from ports. In this case Port Authorities, Port reception facilities for maritime waste as well as fuel recovering facilities would be suitable candidates for meetings.

  • Pollution treatment
    • ] Waste
    • ] Sites and Soils

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller


Mr Gabriel Chifflier

Sales Manager
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