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Via Riviera Berica 621
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Company Profile:
The Company, located in Vicenza, a town of Veneto area, is a little manufacturer of probes and sensor especially oriented on solar irradiance measures. In 2009 has launched the first digital irradiance sensor, SUNMETER, able to talk in serial Modbus with data logger but also in analogic output. After this focus product, Soluzione Solare has produced other sensors. Last bornt is a wind sensor with same philosophy of sunmeter.

Soluzione Solare was created by a long experienced person involved in past to PV commissioning and testing plants.

Solar Sensor, Wind Sensor, Temp. sensor

What we offer:
Soluzione Solare make sensor oriented mainly to PV sector. They are the key tools to evaluate performances of a Photovoltaic plant.
SUNMETER is designed for medium-big size PV plants because its output is in serial modbus, exempt form noises. As it has a little CPU to filter values and calculate temperature compensations, it has already input for PT100 sensor. the two data can be sent via serial modbus

LITEMETER is a simple calibrated cell, comparable with similar products of competitors. Nevertheless electronic components inside are precisely chosen for high temperatures clima. This sensor doesn't fear competitors comparations. Its output is not amplified or 0-5V amplified.

Windmeter is just bornt and has similar technology inside of Sunmeter. It gives also temperature value.

What are we looking for:
Our recurrent customers are data-logger manufacturer, and EPC contractors.
Anyway we are looking also for country distributor that already knows PV sector, to give him eventually exclusive distributor in its country.

Our products need good competences but low maintenance.

  • Energy and Climate Change
    • ] Renewable energy
    • ] Energy Performance
  • Sustainable Development
    • ] Regulations

Collaboration sought:
  • Research cooperation for funded EU Program
  • Commercial cooperation, as buyer


Mr Andrea Calatroni

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