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CMK s.a.

433 Avenue de Tervueren
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Company Profile:

Manufacturer of a natural mineral universal absorbent that absorbs on contact all liquids or semi-liquids with immediat DRY floor results and helps save significant amount of money under ISO 14000 regulation.

Fabricant d'un absorbant universel en granule a base d'un minéral naturel qui absorbe en contact tous liquides ou semi-liquide (asseche le sol) et qui permet de d'améliorer le rendement de l'ISO 14000 grace a son faible poids d'origine.

High capacity universal absorbent / Absorbant Universel a haute capacite

What we offer:
We are a manufacturer of an exceptional natural absorbent and what distinguishes us from the competition is the multipurpose aspect and cost savings made possible by the usage of our product.

Compared to other mineral absorbents, our product is silica free and therefore does not cause risk for health issues (such as Silicosis).

The usage of our product is very wide as it used in the automobile industry, restaurant, hospitals, any oil related industries, paint industry, cleaning industry... Where there is a liquid our product has a usage.
It absorbs, paint, acids, base, oils, hydrocarbons, vomit, etc...

Our product works instantly and is 5 times lighter than the competition and is twice as absorbent... Under ISO 14000 were waste management is paid by the ton of waste... Our clients make considerable amount of saving which in turns makes our absorbent one of the cheapest on the market if one considers waste costs (as one should).

What are we looking for:
We are looking for distributors throughout Europe and/or end users...
We are also looking for partnerships that would help promote our product line awareness...
We are also looking for a partnership to make this industrial product known to the B2C market.

  • Pollution treatment
    • ] Waste
    • ] Sites and Soils
  • Resource Optimization
    • ] Recycling and exploiting materials
    • ] Management of fluids and networks
    • ] Water re-use and saving
  • Sustainable Development
    • ] Industrial risks
    • ] Professional Risks
    • ] Health and Environment

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller


Mr Krister Salas

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