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Polish Chamber of Commerce

Trebacka str. 4
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Company Profile:
The Polish Chamber of Commerce is the leader of the network (13 regional partners)project KIGNET INNOVATION - the Chamber System for Supporting the Innovation of Polish Companies. The purpose of the project is to develop an intergrated network, by promoting the availability of services which support innovation and cooperation among enterprises and institutions and develop new consulting innovation services for enterprises. Partners in the network have developed new services e.g. supporting energy efficiency, recycling, renowable energy, risks and environmental management, etc. KIGNETconsultants provide the services to enterprises free of charge.

Polish Chamber of Commerce - KIGNET INNOVATION

What we offer:
Ihe principal task of the Polish Chamber of Commerce KIGNET INNOVATION offers innovations services to polish enterprises and helps to establish technological and commercial contacts between polish and international companies.
In detail we offer business and technology services:
-helping to find business partners and to establish cooperations,
-helping to find new technologies and innovations,
-supporting technological cooperation
-supporting internationalisation.

What are we looking for:
We are looking for possible cooperation partners for polich enterprises, especially for SMS, in the following sectors:
- renewable energy,
-risk and environmental management,
measurement and monitoring


Ms Barbara Kosicka

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