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Santa Fé International Resort Holding

Avenida OUA Achada Santo Antonio
ZIP Code
Cape Verde

Company Profile:
This young company Cape Verde is specialized in the development of luxury hotel complex, apartments, business centers ... in a logic of eco-responsible investment : enhanced value of local resources, local employment creation, promotion of local know-how, ecosystems preservation, organic green spaces.

Santa Fé International Resort

What we offer:
Access to local supplies and stocks, access to the local market

What are we looking for:
The company wishes to develop a luxury hotel (including golf courses, spa, museum, university campus ...) with low environmental impact : use of local sustainable building materials, renewable energy power sources (solar photovoltaic, wind turbines), waste treatment, use of equipment / process less water consuming ... To carry through the project, a centre for the production and management of energy will be installed near the complex (recovery of waste for power generation, renewable energies) for the energy needs of the project. The surplus of electricity produced will be distributed to the local populations’ located in the neighborhood of the project. The company wishes to identify innovative eco friendly technologies adapted to the Cape Verde context. She wishes to develop technology transfer partnerships and is looking for technical partners for training. The company is also looking for financial partners for equity capital.

  • Resource Optimization
    • ] Recycling and exploiting materials
  • Energy and Climate Change
    • ] Renewable energy
    • ] Energy Performance
  • Sustainable Development
    • ] Regulations - Audit - Consultancy -

Collaboration sought:
  • Technological cooperation, as offerer
  • Technological cooperation, as requestor


Mr José Lopes Gomes

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