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Politecnico di Milano

Street Leonardo da Vinci
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Company Profile:
The Politecnico di Milano, established in 1863, is ranked as one of the most outstanding European universities in Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design, and in many disciplines is regarded as a leading research institution worldwide In Italy the term "Politecnico" means a state university consisting only of study programmes in Engineering and Architecture. The Politecnico di Milano is nowadays organised in 16 departments and a network of 9 Schools of Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design spread over 7 campuses over the Lombardy region with a central administration and management. The 9 schools are devoted to education whereas the 16 departments are devoted to research. The educational policy of the Politecnico di Milano consists in offering different curricula tailored to the needs of its territory, which is considered one of most developed industrial areas in Europe. The number of students enrolled in all campuses is approximately 30,000, which makes the Politecnico di Milano the largest institution in Italy for Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design.

Catalysts and devices for photoelectrochemical treatment of wastewaters (TITANO)

What we offer:
The product is an electro-photo-TiO2-catalysed process used to remove from aqueous matrices both refractory organics and resistant microrganisms. Actually, in developed countries, great attention is given to specific pollutants that can, even in very low concentration in water and wastewater, have severe implications both on ecological and human health.

1. What is your area of expertise or know how? Materials for environment and energy applications.
2. What type of product or service is being offered? Materials and devices.
3. What can it be used for? Wastewater treatment.
4. What are the main advantages of your solutions over other solutions? Good performance in AOP.

The TITANO project (ID 13726167) is co-funded by Lombardy Region within the framework of the call for proposals for industrial research and experimental development projects in topical priority areas, so called Aree Tematiche Prioritarie, (ATP, 2009): New materials

What are we looking for:
We are looking for collaboration with EU industrial partners and resarch partners.

The product/service will be used for the treatment of wastewaters.

We are looking for customer (industry and academic).

  • Pollution treatment
    • ] Waste
    • ] Water
    • ] Sites and Soils
  • Resource Optimization
    • ] Recycling and exploiting materials
    • ] Water re-use and saving
  • Sustainable Development
    • ] Eco-design and clean technologies
  • ] Institution, Research, Finance, Training

Collaboration sought:
  • Research cooperation for funded EU Program
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller


Mr Massimiliano Bestetti

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