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Company Profile:
A German medium sized company operating in the field of construction has developed a transportable wall system which can be pre-fabricated with almost all the building components which previously could have only been installed on site.

Unique solide transportable complete wall system

What we offer:
The innovative wall system developed by the German company can be pre-fabricated with almost all the building components which previously could have only been installed on site. It can be used for the construction of all types of buildings residential buildings, office buildings, hotels etc. and multiple storeys are possible. The buildings can even be built to resist earth-quakes.
The thermal insulation of the facade is manufactured at the same time as the wall. This ensures that the dimensions match exactly, and the bond between the thermal insulation and the exterior wall is secure.
The internal side of the wall in the case of load bearing walls and both sides of the wall in the case of non-load bearing walls are 100% adhesive-bonded with plasterboard during the wall manufacturing process. A specially developed, mineral-based adhesive is used.

All windows with external sills and external doors are installed in the walls and made air-tight during the manufacturing process in the factory using suitable expanding tape. Roller shutters or venetian blinds, if required, are also factory-installed. The window connections are made in line with the manufacturer's specifications, German DIN standards and are checked once again by the company's internal QM system.

Plugs and ducts which are required for electrical systems are included in the working drawings in line with the customer's requirements and then incorporated into the walls. Distribution boxes for under-floor heating and similar are installed in the desired location in the factory.

All sanitary pipework for wash-basins, showers, kitchen connections, sinks etc. are built into in the walls in the factory. They are then connected to the pipework of the under-floor building services on site.
The cisterns for toilets, bidets and urinals, along with the appropriate fixing systems, are also incorporated into the walls in the factory. The water pipes then have to be connected to the pipework of the under-floor building services on site. Toilets, bidets and urinals can be directly and easily connected.
" A consistently high quality level due to extensive factory-based
pre-fabrication" Approximately 70% time saving compared with traditional building methods" Production is unaffected by weather" Unrestricted design opportunities for the buildings, their manufacture in the
factory as well as their erection" Short erection times on site, construction periods of approx. 3- 4 weeks
including the complete installation of the roof trusses (up to about 8 floors)" "Passive house" standard is easily achievable." The construction method also means a significant reduction in site noise and
therefore much less nuisance for people living in neighbouring buildings.
Fitting-out is relatively quiet as chopping-out is no longer necessary (all
pipes and conduits are already installed) also giving the investor yet
another major time-based advantage compared to conventional construction
methods thanks to the high level of pre-installation of electrical conduits
as well as heating and sanitary pipework.

What are we looking for:
Construction/building companies, manufacturers of finished construction components.

- Specific area of activity of the partner:
The ideal partner should be active in the field of construction and interested in using this technology.

- Task to be performed by the partner sought:
Partners should be interested in the further joint development and in a technical cooperation and/or
be likely to get a license of the developed system.

  • Sustainable Development
    • ] Eco-design and clean technologies


Mr Hans-Peter Hagenm├╝ller

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