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Beltwall Europe

Rogakker 3
ZIP Code
6741 ES

Company Profile:
Beltwall Europe specializes in cross rigid corrugated sidewall belts, suitable for lifting materials at angles up to 90 degrees. Advantages of these systems include space savings in material transportation, instant shift from horizontal to vertical transport and back, the possibility to transport very free flowing material and even wet substances at steep inclinations, etc., less spillage, less maintenance. All Beltwall applications are tailor made in order to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Manufacturer of customized conveyor belts looking for clients and intermediaries

What we offer:
Beltwall Europe is the European division of Beltservice Corp., a major US manufacturer of custom conveyor belting. Beltwall Div. of Beltservice is the world largest fabricator of cross rigid corrugated sidewall belting. This highly specialized product allows for even vertical transportation of bulk material at high lifts and high capacities. The Beltservice product portfolio includes cleated belts, V-guided belts, urethane and silicone covered belts, flanged-edged belts, corrugated sidewall belting, filter belts, longitudinally spliced belts etc. Beltservice has branch offices in China, Chile, Mexico, USA, Canada and the Netherlands.

What are we looking for:
Beltwall Europe aims to: 1/ Generally strengthen its brand name in the market; 2/ Promote the concept of steep incline Beltwall conveyor systems; 3/ Create awareness among future clients and intermediaries about the range of possible applications of tailor made Beltwall systems; and 4/ Meet potential end users of its special Beltwall conveyor belts, OEM’s and contractors (e.g. of waste sorting and recycling systems) as well as large engineering firms.

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Mr Robert Slikker

Managing Director
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