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EcoMundo SAS

215, rue JJ Rousseau
ZIP Code
Issy Les Moulineaux

Company Profile:
EcoMundo is a Young Innovative Enterprise based in France.
It is a service provider which helps SMEs in REACH compliance and eco-design.
It develops a range of IT Tools specialized in Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) management and their traceability.
EcoMundo is a leader expert on REACh and SVHC market, thanks to its highly competitive prices and an offer adapted to its clients needs. Its innovative services are provided to clients all over the world, ranging from SMEs to large enterprises, including LOREAL or Sanofi-Aventis in France, or Chemtura in the United States. It has developed a special relationship with Eastern Central Europe, where SMEs from Slovenia, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine entrusted EcoMundo with their substances portfolio management. And in 2012, in partnership with the US Department of Commerce, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Society of Chemical Manufacturers (SOCMA), EcoMundo will lead a REACH awereness campaign in the US.

Chemical Risk Management and Ecodesign

What we offer:
EcoMundo is a leader expert in REACH, CLP and SVHC regulations and ecodesign integrated in the whole supply chain.
EcoMundo designs and develops a suite of software tools, "REACH Factory" for the management of all your substances & mixtures in compliance with the EU Regulation.
EcoMundo provides you with both a service and a product to help you collect use-cases, register your dossier, create your Safety Data Sheets. EcoMundo has also the expertise to create and update your labelling documents in compliance with the CLP criteria.
Our IT solutions are simple and very competitive : there are both solutions for microentreprises and for big companies. Finally, our offer is updated day by day by our experts in exotoxicology in conformity to the newest revision of EU Regulations.

What are we looking for:
EcoMundo is a research-based enterprise. We are members of Axelera (chemical) and AsTech (aero) clusters.
One key objective is to cooperate on research projects with like-minded organisations on the protection of workers who are involved with nanomaterials.
Therefore we would need a partner with strong skills/experience in nanotechnology regulations.
What we could offer is our big network, both in France and abroad.

Collaboration sought:
  • Technological cooperation, as offerer
  • Technological cooperation, as requestor
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller
  • Commercial cooperation, as buyer


Ms Anna Rochacka

Executive Assistant
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