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385 Av. des Baronnes
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Prades le Lez

Company Profile:
Ondalys is a French consulting company on multivariate data analysis, coming from sensors in the agricultural, agro-industrial, pharmaceutical, petro-chemistry and environnement domains. Ondalys assists you in interpreting your instrumental and sensory data in order to obtain all the relevant information and provide you with efficient decision-aid tools.

Ondalys works specifically in the anaerobic digestion area (biogas production).
Ondalys has developed a fast Methane Potential (BMP) test for solid wastes, called Flash BMP®, based on near infrared spectroscopy.
Ondalys works also on anaerobic digestion process monitoring.

Near infrared spectroscopy, a tool for the optimization of the anaerobic digestion process.

What we offer:
Ondalys develops near infrared models for the measurement of methane potential (BMP values) of wastes for anaerobic digestion process. Flash BMP ® is used to optimize the methane production by selecting faster which waste to use. It has the advantages to give the methane potential value in only 2 days (vs more than 30 days for the classical method). Flash BMP® is accurate and much easier to use and cheaper than the classical BMP analysis.

Ondalys also offers model development services for any parameter dealing with the chemical characterization of wastes (organic matter, Lower Heating Value, K, P, etc).

As modeling expert, Ondalys works also on models for monitoring of anaerobic digestion processes. As a matter of fact, Near infrared spectroscopy is able to monitor several parameters, such as VFA, VS, alcalinity, directly into the digester by optical fiber.

More largely, Ondalys is working on modeling instrumental and sensory data on any environmental issues.

What are we looking for:
We are looking for customers working on anaerobic digestion which are interested in measuring the methane potential of their wastes, fast and accurately. They can be industrials, laboratories, technical and research institutes...

We are also looking for partners for EU projects about anaerobic digestion process monitoring by near infrared spectroscopy. We provide sensor technology as well as sensor data processing ; we looking for partners speciallized in anaerobic digestion and control.

  • Pollution treatment
    • ] Analysis - Measurement - Monitoring
    • ] Waste

Collaboration sought:
  • Research cooperation for funded EU Program
  • Technological cooperation, as offerer
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller


Mr Mathieu Lesteur

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