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Conseil Général de la Somme

13, boulevard Maignan Larivière BP 32615
ZIP Code
AMIENS cedex 1

Company Profile:
Labelled as ‘eco-territoire de France®’ (green business region), the
Somme (in northern France) is counting on eco-activities to attract new businesses, encouraging the creation of added value and employment.
The Somme is the leading county concerning wind energy with its 25 wind farms (172 turbines) for 343 MW already functioning, 10 others (72 turbines) in construction which will add another 154,5 MW, which will result in a total power of 500 MW in 2010.
In total, wind energy produced in the Somme covers 40% of the department’s electricity needs.
There are about ten companies already fi rmly involved in wind industry in Picardie : ENERCON, NORDEX, NEXANS, CARNONE LORRAINE, DUFF NORTON, SCOTT BADER, DFC-DCP, DOUCE HYDRO…and also one hundred potential subcontractors.

Range of services and fundings to facilitate your development and setting up projects in wind power energy.

What we offer:
Our team offers you a range of free, confidential and tailored services to facilitate your development and setting up
projects in our region :
We can help you to :
- Look for real estate and buildings that fit your needs,
- Help you build your financing plan and inform you on possible grants,
- Facilitate your recruitments, fi nd training solutions for your employees,
- Put you through to the local institutional and economic networks,
- Put you in touch with local green business companies.
Subsidy for renting buildings / real estate investments /material investments
A risk capital society for financing “energy” projects/ financial grant of 25% of the first year’s rent / 25% bonus given to all projects that respect the HQE label (high environmental quality) / Grants by the Somme county for the creation of new companies / 12 million Euros are available to take part in projects concerning production or management of energy.

What are we looking for:
projects in wind power energy
implantation projects of new companies
fostering partnership between our companies and foreing companies
promoting maintenance skills

  • Energy and Climate Change
    • ] Renewable energy
  • ] Institution, Research, Finance, Training

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller
  • Commercial cooperation, as buyer



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