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National Center of Cleaner Production Venezuela

Av. Este 6, edificio Centro Parque Carabobo, torre "A", piso 5, Ofc. 515. Parque Carabobo
ZIP Code
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic Of

Company Profile:
The Venezuelan Cleaner Production Centre (CVPML) aims at promoting and encouraging, particularly in SMEs, the continued application of integrated strategies and technical options to prevent the contamination in products and processes and the optimization of the use of resources (water, electricity, raw materials) while increasing efficiency and productivity of the company. It provides assistance to industrialists for their upgrade in environmental regulations : implementation of techniques and methods of environmental management for the prevention of pollution, improvement of production processes, assistance in the selection of technical and technological options, technical training, development of demonstration projects. The CVPML focuses its operations in the field of agro-industry to assist the industries to adopt practices leading to the improvement of their supply chain through the reduction of the consumptions (energy, water, raw materials...).

Energy valorization of the agro industries byproducts

What we offer:
Technical cooperation

What are we looking for:
The CVPML wishes to identify innovative renewable energy technologies because Venezuela represents a high potential for the development of alternative energy sources especially in the field of solar and wind power. The CVPML wishes also to strengthen its technical capacity in the management of urban and industrial solid waste. It is also interested in environmentally friendly technologies for refrigerant gases production. Finally, the Venezuelan Cleaner Production Centre is looking for technology partners for the energy recovery of the waste generated by rice production (rice husks) and the pork industry (reduction of methane via anaerobic digestion, production of organic fertilizer...) and for the management of the polluting discharges of the pig breeding (permeabilization of soil ...).

  • Pollution treatment
    • ] Waste
  • Resource Optimization
    • ] Recycling and exploiting materials
  • Energy and Climate Change
    • ] Renewable energy
    • ] Energy Performance

Collaboration sought:
  • Technological cooperation, as offerer


Mr Eloy SardiƱa

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