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Clewer Europe Oü

Biolinja 12
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Company Profile:
Finnish company Clewer has developed and patented new technology for waste water treatment and recycling. It is called Rotating Bed Biofilm Reactor RBBR and it can be used not only for waste water from houses but also for car wash, fish farming and for industrial applications.
Product family is ready and serial manufacturing has started.

Clewer Europe Oü is responsible for starting sales in Europe. We are looking for resellers in European countries.

Clewer waste water treatment and recycling

What we offer:
We offer new technology for waste water treatment and recycling. We have ready made product family and manufacturing in Finland.

We are looking for resellers or partners for selling our systems in European countries.
It is possible to co-operate also in manufacturing (roto-molded plastic).

Applications are waste water treatment in range from single house up to village (max 1000 PE). Other applications are water recycling in car wash and laundry applications. Industrial applications (like food industry) is also very potential application.

Our system has excellent treatment results. It is very easy to use as there is no activity needed from user. We have remote control also for the quality of the treated water. System is energy efficient and suitable also for intermittent use.

What are we looking for:
We are looking for resellers or partners in European countries.

  • Pollution treatment
    • ] Water
  • Resource Optimization
    • ] Water re-use and saving

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller


Mr Pasi Aaltonen

Managing Director
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