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Stahlwerke Bochum GmbH

Castroper Str. 228
ZIP Code

Company Profile:
Stahlwerke Bochum GmbH (SWB) is one of the world's leading and most productive foundries of its kind. On the basis of decades of experience, SWB has specialised in the development and manufacture of wear parts for recycling, crushing and mineral processing. SWB products are used in all crushers and processing equipment subjected to highest levels of wear. They have the highest resistance to abrasion, erosion and impact.

High-quality wear-resistant tools for scrap recycling

What we offer:
For scrap recycling SWB offers: hammers, caps, anvils, grids, segments and all other shredder components that are continuously subjected to wear, such as angles, side liners, wearing plates, hammer pins and fixing elements (screws and bolts).
Optimum hardness and excellent durability ensure the cost-effective utilisation of the wear parts. Modern casting technology guarantees a homogeneous cast. All castings are subjected to a computer-controlled heat treatment. All parameters, such as the temperature profile, duration of the heat treatment, atmospheric conditions in the annealing furnace and cooling time are accurately calculated and precisely matched to the shapes and sizes of the castings
SWB has always been renowned for their its high-quality wear-resistant tools that are distinguished by their optimum hardness and excellent durability.
SWB uses the most advanced technologies and selected materials in the proven SWB quality to produce wear-resistant castings that increase the profitability of your processing plants.
SWB has the know-how and the flexibility to fulfil all customer requirements and those of the international market at the very highest level.

• Planning of the castings - application consulting, design consulting, calculation of the casting technique, production of patterns
• Production of moulds - machine moulding shop for series parts, hand moulding shop for castings up to 7,000 kg
• Casting of the parts - low and high alloy steels, special materials for the most severe operating conditions
• Machining - mechanical grinding to installation dimensions

What are we looking for:
Partners sought:
Recycling industry interested in integrating the tools in their equipment and plants.

Fields of application of the wear parts are the crushing and processing of secondary raw materials. For example, they re-process materials recovered from scrapped vehicles to be reused for new metal sheets, and they recycle building and asphalt rubble for reuse as filling material in the construction of new roads.

  • Pollution treatment
    • ] Waste
  • Resource Optimization
    • ] Recycling and exploiting materials

Collaboration sought:
  • Technological cooperation, as offerer
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller


Ms Annie Lubin

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