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Company Profile:
The company's headquarters is located in Guayaquil, Ecuador. We are a non profit organization created in 1997 in charge of the private promotion of Ecuador's exports and investements to enhance the country┬┤s economic developpement.
Our services include the organisation of national exhibitions and events, rountable business meetings, business trips, seminars, workshops, among others.
In order to attend our customers' needs, we have an office in Bruxelles.


What we offer:
With 13 years of experience in promoting ecuadorian exports and investments, we offer valuable assitance to exporters and other actors of international trade. We facilitate the encounter of different companies who are either offering or looking for goods or services in different sectors such as: agriculture, industry, environmental services, among others. The deep knowledge we have of our country has allowed us to offer a wide business database to those interested in entering the Latin American market.

What are we looking for:
We are looking for interesting and innovating eco-friendly solutions to implement in ecuadorian companies mostly in the agricultural and food sector (both fresh and processed).
Also, innovative solutions for urban planning and alternative uses of transportation that government institutions may be interested on.
We need business contacts with companies from the following industries: waste treatment, recycling, correct use of natural resources, alternative infrastructure in logistics and transportation, efficient use of natural resources, ecological print, green marketing, etc.


Ms Lucia Espinosa

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