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2 rue Pierre Gilles de Gennes Pra de Serre
ZIP Code
Veyre Monton

Company Profile:
MS was created in 1976 by Jean-Paul Guillaume, and has expanded mainly in the field of equipment for the treatment of sand and water.
In 1994, the MSDP company (MS Développement et Participations) formed a single group consisting of the limited company MS (SAS with a capital of 1 124 800 €), “ADR” (manufacturing workshop with a capital of 50 000 €), and the real estate companies “SCI”, which owns the premises.

Since 2004, the company GEODE (Holding company with a capital of 4 000 000 €), owned at 100% by the Guillaume family controls completely the MSDP company (SAS with a capital of 200 000 €). After having enabled the development of exports, by taking out shares in the korean company MMCO after a technology transfer, MSDP has continued by the creation of a subsidiary in the UK, MS Minerals Ltd .

Today, MS designs, manufactures and installs all over the world liquid / solid separation plants, not only in its original fields of activity, ie Mineral Industries and Underground works, but also in fields concerned with the environment, such as treatment of polluted soils, or waste valorization..
MS employs now about 80 persons and has a turnover of around 20 million €.
In june 2010, MS has moved to a next stage, by relocating to Veyre-Monton : with new facilities including 5,000 m2 of workshop & 1,800 m2 of officies on a 2.4 ha. piece of land, MS has doubled its surface of production and gathered all its services on one modern site. Another worshop of 2200 m2 is specialized for refurbishement of second hand components from large tunnels jobs.

MS has received in 2011 an award for "Entrepreneur of the year in Green Business" organized by Les Echos & L'Entreprise notably for the development of a mobile water treatment plant in rental solution.

New specific and innovative mobile unit for the treatment of work-site waters

What we offer:
A French SME has developed a new specific and innovative mobile unit for the treatment of work-site waters to treat industrial waters containing mineral particles :
- treatment of construction site water (drainage, washing,…) or seepage waters from tunnel boring sites;
- clarification of dredging water as well as any treatment of industrial waters containing mineral particles,
- mineral industry (quarries and sand pits),
- stone cutting industry,
- agro – food industry.
The French SME is looking for partners to implement this technical solution. It has proven expertise in design, manufacture and worldwide installation of liquid / solid separation plants for Mineral Industries and Underground works, Environment, such as treatment of polluted soils, or waste valorization.

This innovative mobile unit is made of two stackable modular units :
- one skid base with the settling tank and its overflow channel, and the clarified water tank with an oil separator
- one control bungalow, installed on the settling tank and containing the control and monitoring cabinet , the coagulant and flocculant preparation and dosing unit and the flocculation controller.
This unit can treat up to 75 m3/h of water containing maximum 2 t/h of suspended dry solids.
It may be sold or rented.

Innovations and advantages of the offer
- Modular unit, to ease transport and erection
- Requires no specific civil work or foundations,
- Easy access by stairs, gangways and galvanized gratings,
- Able to treat lower charges (less to 150 m3/h),
- Optimisation of the flocculant and coagulant consumption,
- Sludge pumping cycle monitored by PLC according to the consistency (information determined by the precise measurement of the scraper resisting torque),
- Possible telemaintenance,
- High quality components,
- Construction, assembly, pre-wiring and tests in the SME workshop.

Current and Potential Domain of Application
Industrials, chemical, pharmaceutical industries, iron and steel industries, public authorities, , public buildings and works sector…

What are we looking for:
partners to implement the solution

  • Pollution treatment
    • ] Waste
    • ] Water
    • ] Sites and Soils
  • Resource Optimization
    • ] Recycling and exploiting materials
    • ] Water re-use and saving


Mr Alexandre Guillaume

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