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Unitech S.r.l.

Via G. Carducci, 8
ZIP Code

Company Profile:
Unitech is based in Trieste, NE Italy, family owned company in the field of trading and consultancy, since year 1989. Its main activity is supplying manufacturers and distributors with energy efficient consumer products, gas and electro appliances, OEM parts and components for heating, cooking and lighting.
In the last years the company is able to offer 'key in hand' consultancy and systems for industrial plants, shopping malls and local communities, supported by pre and after sales assistance.

Energy efficient consumer made in Italy products

What we offer:
Unitech, as specialized trading company, is a reliable purchase partner in about 10 EU and Med-Africa countries, cooperates with leading hi-tech Italian and European manufacturers, supplying their products and in the meantime assuring daily customer satisfaction service.
End users belong mainly to domestic, industrial, and public sectors, covering the fields of heating,
cooking and lighting use, at a flexible and good price-quality ratio.

What are we looking for:
Unitech is looking to expand its market to new areas. We are thus searching for:
- new customers, both in industrial and commercial sectors, that need a reliable partner in Italy.

  • Pollution treatment
    • ] Air
    • ] Analysis - Measurement - Monitoring
  • Energy and Climate Change
    • ] Renewable energy
    • ] Energy Performance
  • Sustainable Development
    • ] Responsible buying and Bio-products
    • ] Eco-design and clean technologies

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller


Mr Gian Carlo Damir Murkovic

Managing director
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