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2 av Madeleine Bonnaud
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Company Profile:
Altereo is a Group of 4 companies dedicated to the environment issues : water, asset management of infrastructures and land, biodiversity, sustainable development.

Our activity is focused on Engineering and premium consulting·
- Network audits and non-revenue water management,
- Network asset management,
- Hydraulic modeling of networks, rain and floods,
- Assistance in utility management, audit, delegation, public-private partnership,
- Town planning and sustainable territorial
- Capacity building for water utilities, training, communicationR&D and innovative solutions
- Dedicated GIS suite Cart@jour (desktop & fullweb), asset management expert systems SIROCO (water), Indigau (sewer) & Digsure (dikes), predictive territorial management expert system Astuce & tic, flow monitoring micro-sensors DebidoTailored water treatment solutions
- Ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis (dialysis, medical grade, brackish water)

An innovative offer for land and public infrastructures management

What we offer:
Our know how : Water, land, biodiversity
Our offer : Engineering, consultancy, software, water treatment systems (ultra pure water)
Our applications : Optimization of the public services, for local authorities and industry
Our strength : an advanced and innovative vision of our products and services and the multidisciplinarity of our skills.

What are we looking for:
We are looking for public authorities in charge of water, sanitation, land management
Our studies and products provides decision support and tools for master plan and management of services in the sectors of water, land, transport, solid waste...

We are also looking for technical partners in the fields of Information Systems, water and sanitation networks, modeling...

  • Pollution treatment
    • ] Water
  • Resource Optimization
    • ] Management of fluids and networks
  • Sustainable Development
    • ] Regulations - Audit - Consultancy -
    • ] Implementing sustainable development
  • ] Institution, Research, Finance, Training

Collaboration sought:
  • Research cooperation for funded EU Program
  • Technological cooperation, as offerer
  • Technological cooperation, as requestor
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller


Mr Christian LAPLAUD

Chairman CEO
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