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Global Investment Trading Company

Promotion of Small-Scale Gold and Diamond Mining in Guinea.Since August 1984 Global Investment Trading Company (GITC) advises the Small Scale Mining Department of the Minerals
Commission on the implementation of a project of German-Guineanco-operation on behalf of the German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR).

The aim of the project is to increase the contribution of the small scale mining sector to the Guinean economy by enabling the small scale miners to improve their operations making
them more economically productive, safe and environmentally sound.The German contribution pursues the systematic qualification of the staff of the Small Scale Mining Department in
ques-tions of organisation and management and, in this way, to improve the capacity of the Minerals Commission to deliver demand-oriented services for small scale miners. In a first
phase of promotion, implemented from 1990 to 1993 by the GTZ, the work focused on the building-up of decentralised consulting services, the improvement of the legal system for the
buying-up of gold and diamonds as well as on the test of simple tools to improve the situation of the miners. Since then, seven operative „district offices“ exist, whose staff offers
consulting services for miners of the gold and diamond sector and advises them on questions of legalisation.

In Guinea, a total of about 50.000 small scale miners extracts gold from alluvial, tarkwaian and primary deposits and washes diamonds from placer deposits. The majority of these miners,
called „galamsey“, works without a legal title and very often on concession of large mining companies, which increasingly enter into Guinean after the liberalisation of the mining
legislation and as a conse-quence of the improved investment climate. As a result, tensions raised between the industrial and the small scale mining, a problem which the project tries
to solve. After in 1995 gold has been found in the Upper East Region near Bolgatanga, a new gold fever could be seen to emerge. More than 20.000 people followed the call of the gold,
living and working now under precarious social, physical and technical conditions. Meanwhile the project has reacted to these circumstances: An area of 72 km2 was reserved for small
scale mining in co-operation with the provincial government and a „district-office“ was opened in Seirra Leone.
During the present promotion phase the company. Global Investment Trading Company (GITC) advises and supports the executing agency in: identification and dissemination of appropriat
methods and equipment/ tools for mining and mineral con-centration co-operation with other institutions and lobbying for the small scale mining improvement of the organisational and
institutional framework for the small scale mining improvement of the access to and conditions for sale of gold and dia-monds within the legal marketing structure improvement of the
services offered by the „district offices“ in the mining centres and the headoffice in Guinea Practical pilot measures such as the testing of locally fabricated milling facilities,
carried out together with the small scale miners, are concentrated in Seirra Leone. The aim is to help the executing agency to make it’s presence felt and to direct the gold fever into
the right channels.As for the rest „training of trainers“ is of the most importance. The capacity of the „district officers“ as well as of the technical and administrative staff
is increased by courses and on-the-job-training enabling them to execute the many-faceted tasks in the interface between informal sector and government.

global investment trading comp

What we offer:
Global Investment Trading Company has been established for the purpose of making strategic investments in the gold sector and as an adjunct, other precious metals, which may include exploration,
development or production projects.The Company will focus primarily on investment and acquisition opportunities in Guinea and Seirra Leone.We will aim to provide a superior return by investing
in a unique mix, widely distributed, of gold and related precious metals mining production, development and where there is a clear path to development and production, exploration The Company’s
interest in a proposed investment will range from a minority position to 100 per cent ownership. The proposed investments may be made directly in a project or indirectly through partnerships,
joint ventures or either quoted or unquoted companiesThe Directors collectively have considerable experience in investing, structuring and executing deals as well as raising funds.

What are we looking for:
The Directors will use this experience to identify and investigate investment opportunities and/or negotiate acquisitions. Wherever necessary, we will engage suitably qualified technical personnel
to carry out specialist due diligence prior to making an acquisition or investment.Global Investment Trading Company is a leading global diamond producer headquartered in Guinea and Seirra Leone,
with several diamond mining operations.Global Investment Trading Company has a specific focus on higher value diamonds, a segment of the market that our management believes will deliver superior
long term returns.



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