General Terms and Conditions

1. Object

These General Terms and Conditions constitutes a contract that governs the relationship between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris ("the CCIP") and the Participant.
In the event of any individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions turning invalid or becoming invalid in the future, the validity of other provisions shall not be affected. The provision turned ineffective shall be replaced by an effective provision that reflects closest the purpose desired. The CCIP reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions.

2. Services

The CCIP collects cooperation offers and requests in an on-line catalogue and organises two days of international B2B meetings. This event "2011 Green Business meetings" takes place from the November 30th to the December 1st 2011 and is organised as part of the Pollutec Horizons Exhibition from the November 29th to the December 2nd at the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition center.

The event is targeted at SMEs, Research institutes, academic institutions and Start-up companies from all over Europe and beyond and which are looking for partnerships.

The CCIP offers the Participants to have their contact details and company profiles added to an existing database set up by Converve. The objective is to facilitate business contacts with other users of the database.

3. Registration Procedure

The participants must register at the following website :
The participant must fill in a short profile to describe his organisation and a cooperation profile, to describe what the company is offering or looking for and the availabilities for the meetings.
The participant must agree to provide accurate, current and complete information as prompted by the registration form ("Profile"). The user name is the e-mail address and the participant must select a password to enable access to the data. All entries will be checked and validated before being included in the catalogue. All fields must be filled in in English and some are mandatory (*).
For each type of collaboration sought (e.g. technical cooperation agreement, joint venture, commercial alliance, etc) a new short profile must be submitted. Furthermore, each profile can be assigned to a different representative within your organisation.
If information is missing or unclear, the CCIP or the assisting partner will contact the Participant. Profiles which are incomplete, unclear or not relevant to the event will not be included in the catalogue.
Once registered, the Participant will receive an email to acknowledge the participation request and a second one to invite him for payment.

4. Participation fee

4.1. Price of the participation

The Participant pays a mandatory registration fee of :

  • 100 €, free of charge in the case the Participant is establised in another Member state and subject to the intra-Community VAT.
  • 119,60 € in the case the Participant is a French company or in the case the Participant isn't subject to the intra-Community VAT.

The fee is fixed for one registration per personal profile registered at the two days Event "the 2011 Green Business meetings" including 1 free entrance to the Pollutec Horizons Exhibition with electronic badge for the day of the scheduled meetings as pre-registered visitor).

4.2. Modes of Payment

The participation to the 2011 Green Business meetings can be paid: 

  •  by bank transfer : BNP PARIBAS PARIS ETOILE ENT (00813) Code Bank: 30004, Code Agency : 00806, Number of the account: 00021751178, RIB: 07 IBAN : FR76 3000 4008 0600 0217 5117 807, BIC: BNPAFRPPPGA Reference: Convention d'affaires Pollutec
  • by cheque : Cheques should be made out in the name of CCIP-DIACI and sent to the following address: CCIP Centre d'information européenne - 2 rue de Viarmes - 75040 Paris cedex 10.

4.3. Settlement period

The settlement is due 30 days at the latest after the reception of the Invoice e-mail by Participant. In case of failure of the settlement within this period, delay penalties could be imposed to the participant. In case of the failure of the payment before the scheduled day of meetings, the CCIP reserves the right to cancel the Participation by e-mail.

 5. Limitation of Liability
The CCIP can not be held liable for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the information and content provided by the Participant that might contravene the obligations of the CCIP.
The CCIP shall not be responsible if the Participant doesn't form successfully any business arrangements with other participants during the event or anytime in the future.

6. Refund policy
If the CCIP fails to perform or is delayed performing any or all of its obligations, the participant has the right to claim a full refund.

7. Express Cancellation clause
7.1 Modes of Cancellation
In the event of cancellation by the Participant, the Participant must contact the CCIP in one of the following manners:
- via e-mail :
- via mail. The notice of cancellation should be sent in writing only to :
CCIP Centre d'information européenne - 2 rue de Viarmes - 75040 Paris cedex 10.

7.2 Refund
In case of cancellation until the 5th November 2011, the payment will be entirely refunded.
No refund will be made after the 5th November 2011.

8. Confidentiality
The CCIP shall not disclose any information communicated by the participant without his express agreement. The provision does not apply to information already in the public domain.
The protection of personal data of the Participant is subject to Converve Privacy Policy:

9. Property rights of Data
The CCIP remains the sole holder of property rights and rights to economic exploitation of inventions and programs (including software, documentation and written programs, studies, etc.) and whatever else was prepared, realized, or developed by means of the services.

10. Force majeure
The CCIP shall not be in breach of the terms for failure to perform or delay in performing any or all of its obligations as a result of an "Event of Force Majeure" unless it has failed to comply with its obligations under this Clause.
For the purposes of the terms, Event of Force Majeure shall include natural disasters, riots, war, strikes, lock-outs or other industrial disputes, epidemics, failure of telecommunication and transportation systems, failure of the world wide web, governmental restraints and act(s) of legislature or any cause.

11. Governing Law and court of jurisdiction
All these terms and conditions shall be governed by the French law. In Case of any dispute arising in connections with these terms and conditions, the place of jurisdiction shall be Paris, France.



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